We offer complete collision repairs, and also specializing in aluminum and composite vehicles as well. We focus on a complete three dimensional repair. The first objective is our customer. Our promise to you is to address all your concerns during the repair process. The second objective is to restore the mechanical soundness of your vehicle.


Our vehicle check list will be performed by ASE technicians to insure pre-loss vehicle performance and safety. And lastly, but no less important, is the flawless cosmetic appearance of the completed vehicle. Our award winning paint department strives for the perfect finish on every vehicle.

We have always maintained the latest in collision repair technology.

Our frame benches include Carbench Jig Systems for delicate repairs. When your car is repaired on a Car Bench, the chassis is repaired using the same equipment processes as when it was originally manufactured. And as for Carbench, they have been the standard for collision repair for decades. You can be assured of a perfect repair. With jigs, the chassis is fully and correctly supported during the repair, so it can be accurately measured and returned to OEM specifications. Carbench is the ONLY collision repair system approved for various car manufacturers. With Carbench approved systems we are best suited to repair your car quickly.

An advantage with Carbench is that we have the universal jig set in stock so we will not need to rent jigs nor extend the repair down time waiting for the jigs. We are fully equipped.

Many of the techniques that we use are no longer practiced in the industry. Today there are faster and easier methods of completing a job, however, they are not always better. We believe the more hands-on the repairs are, the better the outcome.