We offer complete collision repairs, and also specializing in aluminum and composite vehicles as well.

In the last few decades, the use of aluminum auto technology has increased. Aluminum has a lighter weight which can enhance fuel efficiency and performance capabilities, it is also recyclable and can improve safety by absorbing more crash energy than steel.

A lighter weight vehicle can offer improved:

  • Fuel efficiency

  • Braking

  • Handling

  • Acceleration

  • Safety

While a small-batch of vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, Model X, Rolls-Royce Phantom feature an aluminum frame, it's production vehicles such as Ford's F-150 as well as the Audi A8 and BMW i8 that offer the next generation of aluminum auto technology. With Tesla's much anticipated $35,000 Model 3, the future of auto aluminum technology will only continue to grow. Toyota, the world's largest automaker plans to encorporate an aluminum hood into the 2018 Camry.

This change is just the first wave of what is sure to come down the road from many other auto manufacturers as aluminum becomes a more widely used material in all types of vehicles.

It’s a simple fact that aluminum repairs are going to become increasingly more common, and shops that don’t invest in the necessary tools and equipment to repair them properly will be caught at a serious disadvantage.

Though many OEMs have plans to increase the use of aluminum, not many body shops are equipped to handle aluminum repairs properly.

As the chemical structure of aluminum and steel vary, separate tools are needed to properly complete the repair and eliminate the chance of cross-contamination. Advance Auto Works Collision Inc. has made investments to accommodate the changes brought by aluminum in the automotive industry by purchasing some of the latest, most innovative, technology within the past year to ensure our guests receive repair work of the highest quality.